C1000 – 2Mil Clear PET PT AP1/50#



2Mil Clear Polyester film label stock designed for a wide variety of label applications. This film has been corona treated to enhance printability across many printing processes. The polyester film provides excellent tear strength, heat resistance, dimensional stability, and chemical resistance.

Caliper: .002″+/- 10%


This adhesive is a rubber base, hot temperature, permanent adhesive used in a variety of packaging materials and other substrates over a wide temperature range. It provides excellent die cutting characteristics and stripping characteristics.

Caliper: .0008″

Min. Application Temperature: 10ºF

Service Temperature Range:- 50º – 120º F

Loop Tack:   110 ounces


A 50# liner (3.2mil) bleached, super calendered kraft liner featuring excellent die cutting and matrix stripping.

Caliper: .0032″ +/- 10%

Basis Weight: 50%

Construction Caliper

.006″ */- 10%

Shelf life: 1 year stored at 72º F and 50% RH