Stocked Adhesives



AP1 is a rubber based permanent adhesive used on a variety of packaging materials and other substrates over a wide temperature range. It provides excellent die cutting and stripping characteristics.


SnappLock is an aggresive hot melt adhesive featuring high initial tack and SAFT. This adhesive has excellent die cutting capabilities that will maximize press speeds and still offer high initial tack. Snapplock has been used on various surfaces including recycled corrugated, stainless steel, powder coated products, various plastics, as well as surfaces with a moderate amount of texture. Also works well in cylindrical applications.


CrocLock is an aggressive hot melt adhesive, designed for difficult to label substrates. Key attributes include excellent on press convertibility as well as quick tack properties. Designed for use on wood, texture surfaces, plastics, corrugated and other hard to label surfaces.


OSB is a very aggressive hot melt adhesive designed specifically to adhere to wood and other difficult to label surfaces. OSB excels on textured surfaces where a soft adhesive is required to create maximum contact with the application surface. This adhesive has also been successful in carpet back applications.


High Performance quick tack rubber based adhesive designed to perform well on vinyl face stocks. This adhesive has very high peel and shear properties and is used in durable applications.


Tire label adhesive is a very aggressive adhesive, designed for hard to label substrates, such as tires, recycled corrugated packaging, fabrics and other rough surfaces.


FRZbite is an aggressive adhesive designed to perform well in cold temperature environments. FRZbite can withstand a level of condensation at low temperature and excels in many food packaging applications.